Sunday, October 5, 2008

Google say WHAT?

I'm getting more search engine traffic!

Though - I'm not sure that's something to be proud of. Of course, this site isn't really about anything in specific other than me posting my thoughts and rants and ravings and whatnot. But Google helped get my site some attention with the following search terms:

ant online warehouse (no quotes) - oooooooh...not good for antonline. Though I show up as number 15 for this search, it certainly wasn't a happy post! I still have such a bad taste in my mouth for them that I would absolutely advise AGAINST purchasing with them. They don't have their act together people! You can't reach the people who contact you and they treat you like you're stupid!

Still not holding a grudge...PFFFFFFFT.

And the other search term that brought me some traffic...

dusty turn on hold again (with or without quotes!) - ummmmm...I have no idea what this person might have been looking for. I think they may have just...I dunno...randomly typed a few words into Google WHAT? The worst part is that I show up as NUMBER ONE for this search...go ahead, try it! You know you want to. If you haven't already you're just being seriously, you can type it without quotes and I'm number one. You can type it with quotes and it says "No results found..." and then shows the results without quotes. I just don't understand!

Ok, so that was a little fun.

You know - for being just a "fun little blog" I sure have got some wide-spread traffic! I mean,'s probably no big deal. But when I first turned on Google Analytics on my site, I truly anticipated that I'd see a hit here or a hit there and just, you know...whatever. But so far I have gathered traffic from SIXTEEN states and FOUR countries outside the United States. Sure some if it may just be people who happened upon my site and then happened away from my site.

Perhaps it helps that I've started posting more frequently. Whatever it is...I find it really cool.

Anyone else using analytics that has found themselves in awe of what they are seeing?


The Rock Chick said...

I've been waiting to have some things as good as Crystal's...but not yet. This appeared today:
"why does people say boombah on 971 the ticket"

I don't even know what that means.......and I'm pretty sure I've never used the word "boombah", although I kind of like it.

Dustin said...

I'm afraid for you, Jessica.

Very afraid...


Crystal said...

LOL!! Boombah!