Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Jeep License Plate

That's the ONLY Google search that has resulted in a hit on my blog so far. As I told you before I went ahead and installed Google Analytics on my blog so that I could see what's going on with my blog and I was actually kind of impressed. Ok, so I'm not reaching the masses, but I really kinda thought that I was really only typing for me and like 2 readers. (One of those readers being my wife!)

So after a little waiting I finally saw that I had a Google search bring someone to my blog. What I had to say about that abomination of a Pink Jeep obviously wasn't what they were looking for because, according to Google Analytics, their average time on my site was 00:00.

I was just looking at the rest of the information and I am, I have to say, really astounded! So far, have had hits from 10 states within the US and 3 additional countries! I'm an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR!!! maybe I'm not an international superstar, but I'm definitely getting more exposure than I thought!

I just have one question...WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???

It's enough to turn a man paranoid to know so many people are looking in but so few are actually saying's like they're sneaking up on me...


Stacy said...

I"m me. :p I'm a friend of Crystal's on CW.

James said...

I'm James, like it says right above this comment (James said...).
Dustin, I want to offer my personal assurance to you that there is no one sneaking up on you at all. Pay no heed to the footsteps that you're hearing, it's just your imagination.

Dustin said...

Hi, Stacy! Thanks for stopping by! I'm always glad to know that my wife's friends are checking in. Means I'm popular by proxy LOL.

James - I'm not going to even acknowledge your comment with a response. Oh, wait! I just did, dang. Now what? A personal assurance from you that there is no one sneaking up on me is like a personal assurance from a politician that he's not concerned about the upcoming election...IT'S JUST A DISTRACTION!

Crystal said...

Hiiii Stacy!!! :D

D, they're coming to stare at your stealth bod, yo. You be slammin', baby.

The Rock Chick said...

Well, you already know I'm here. Me and my IP anonymizer making you believe you're an international superstar. BWAHAHAHAHAAA! (just a little computer guru humor I thought you'd find amusing)

No, seriously, it isn't me. Keep writing and the whole world will come! I put Google Analytics on my blog, too, because of all those cool things that drive people to Crystal's blog. So far, I'm ok--nothing too weird except a football players butt crack, but I'm waiting!

Dustin said...

Football player's butt crack?? I'm not even sure I want to know!

You know, between your comment the other day about Britney Spears and your comment on this one about football player's butt crack - I'm not sure that this site is going to be able to maintain a G or PG-13 Rating!