Thursday, September 25, 2008

HELP! I need bloggy ideas!

Ok, so I installed Google Analytics to give me some idea as to whether or not I am actually getting any traffic. Turns out I am...a little.

That's ok, my blog isn't really meant to just reach out and grab the world just yet, but I found it interesting that I had readers in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, New York and Arkansas. (Most of those were in Texas, and by most I think it was like 9 out of 13) HA!

Anyway, it occurred to me that I have been REALLY silent and that was mostly because I wasn't sure that I had anything post-worthy. That's when I decided that I ought to see what my small circle of readers (yes, you can make a circle out of 13 people! Just ask Altell, they do it with 5) would like to hear my thoughts on. So what I'd like (if you would be so inclined as to assist me here) is to find out if there's anything that you'd like to mention and see how I might respond about it. Depending on the topic, it could be anywhere from humorous to insightful to downright boring, but it's worth a shot!

I'm really hoping to get some interesting ideas to post about and I'm not sure what to expect (if anything!) but it's going to depend on all y'all! (I know...I talk like a Texan). PLEASE give me ideas. I'm begging. I WANT to blog. I LOVE to be creative...but apparently my creativity is dependent on others. I do have one request though...please keep the topics clean.

By the way, I want to say, real quick, thanks to Anna who posted a comment the other day on one of my posts suggesting that I add a feedburner link to my blog. I have done so, and hopefully I did it right so I don't screw up my page, but in the upper right hand corner you should have a "subscribe" link. So if you subscribe to blogs, SUBSCRIBE TO MINE! :-D

I checked out some of Anna's stuff and it's worth a look, especially if you are artistically inclined. I especially liked looking at some of the pictures she took.

Additionally - I have shortened the amount of my blog that will show in readers. I kinda did this in hopes that people might be more inclined to actually visit my blog (so I'll know you're out there!) and maybe choose to leave me a comment. I hope this doesn't upset anyone, but if it does, please let me know...I don't want to drive away any of my few readers!

Anyway - let me know if you want to get inside my braindungeon and see what's lurking around!


James said...

I think that you should continue to blog about not having anything to blog about. Then when I look at my reader, it will tell me that there is a new blog post about not having anything to blog about. You could also email people when there is a new information on the feeder, so that then when I look at my email it will tell me that there is new information on the feeder stating that there is a new blog post about nothing. And you could also text all of us to let us know when there is an email telling us that there is a new message on the feeder telling us that there is a new blog message about not having anything to blog about. And then if you had morse code capabilities....

Anna said...

Thank you Dustin! (Blush). I should add more pictures too! So much to do!

I'm glad you took my advice. I will subscribe now.

Here's an idea what to blog about.

I would like to know what questions or troubles people run into when they are first learning Internet Marketing or blogging.

Like I remember years ago trying to figure out how to close a "bold" tag in an HTML document. I remember being completely confused about how an affiliate marketing company knows who referred the customer, until I finally found out that its done by a specially formatted link.

Things like that - after a couple of years, I think we start to take for granted that everybody knows this or that. But to be honest, I still run into people who don't know what a blog is - let alone a comment!

I have ideas about creating resources for beginners - I'm not sure what. But things to make it easier for them to get started. Maybe even a forum where they can ask things like "how do I log in to my blog."

So that information would be useful! Even if its something you ran into a long time ago but still remember. Etc.

Anna said...

PS - Can you enable email subscriptions in your blog? You can get the code for this in Feedburner, under the "Publicize" tab. Let me know if you need help :)

The Rock Chick said...

Oh, I guess I should have read this before I posted my comment on Britney Spears idea in the post above. Sorry! :)

Here's my secret and when I read your blog, I think we have similar mindsets about blogging. The more you write, for some reason, the more blogging ideas pop into your head. I keep a list of those things and though I may not write about them right away, the idea is there and sometimes I wait for a newsworthy event to tie into it and then I write about it. Write some entertaining stories about something that happened in the past. Let the readers get to know you a little bit. It doesn't always have to be something that just happened. I love when you write about the ironies in situations.

You have a lot to say, Dustin, so just write and let's hear it!!!!

Crystal said...

I think you should blog about dancing monkeys.

Because obviously, they are a driving force to your madness.

And then blog about how awesome I am.