Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Lost" is one of my favorite TV shows. Just the word "Lost" however, is NOT one of my favorite words.

In case you haven't already read my post about what happened with our new (used) truck, you might want to read that first.

Ok, so to follow up: The tow truck had gotten to our house in the afternoon. I thought about calling the dealership right around 6:30 or so to see if they'd taken a look at it yet. By then it would have been there for at least a couple of hours and there was a distinct possibility they'd have had time to run the diagnostics on it. I decided, however, that because it WAS toward the end of the day, I'd give them til the next morning before calling.

Well, shortly after I posted yesterday, I called the dealership to see what the status was. I was a *little* perturbed when they couldn't seem to find me in the system. I explained the situation to them about my truck getting towed to them for diagnostics. They put me on hold. I waited. For a long time. I was now growing more irritated. Ten minutes on hold without so much as a "we're still looking" is quite frustrating.

Someone came back on the line "Service, who are you holding for?" I explained AGAIN the situation. I got put on hold AGAIN. This time for not as long tho...someone else picked up the phone and said "Service, who are you holding for?" I, once more, explained the situation and was put on hold AGAIN. Very shortly afterward (we're at a total of 15 minutes on the phone now) someone picks up and said "Hello, sir?" I had muted the phone at this point because I was talking to my wife about heading over there. In the amount of time it took for me to hit the unmute button, the guy hung up.

Ok, now I'm pissed.

I call back. I explain that I got disconnected. I got put on hold again. CRAP! Oh wait, no, they came back more quickly this time...

"We're still waiting for your truck. It hasn't arrived yet."


Ok. Not cool. I tell them that's not possible. I explain the timing and how it should have been there for at least a couple of hours yesterday. Nope. They explained that when they closed up shop at 7:00pm the night before, it had not arrived.

Ok, now I'm BEYOND furious.

I call my wife. I ask for the number to our insurance company (who provided the tow truck in the first place). She tells me she has the number for the wrecker company responsible for towing the car. I gladly accept the number and mutter something about someone losing their job and threatening jail time.

Now I call the wrecker company and in a not-so-nice voice, but not the "irate customer" many dread, I explain that I had my truck towed and the dealership claims they never received it. I am given yet ANOTHER number. This guy is apparently the one who was in charge when my truck was towed.

I call him. I'm a little less kind than the previous call, but still maintaining at least a modicum of composure. I explain the situation and his initial reaction is that the dealership it was towed to is pretty bad (nation-wide) about receiving vehicles towed in, but never recording that they received them. He says he'll call the dealership.

I get a call from the wrecker guy, he says (really...his words) that they performed a "miracle" and "magically" made my truck appear. I can understand his sarcasm since he apparently has problems with this dealership a lot, but it was not appreciated in my mood. Whatever...I tell him thanks.

I get a call from the dealership. "Good news! We found your truck. The work order WAS in the system. Everything WAS done right. The wrecker guy gave the keys to the wrong person. I couldn't find your truck on our lot because it was already in the shop!"

Bull. Whatever. I don't care, just diagnose the problem and call me back with a solution. Of course, that's not what I said...I thanked them and asked when I should know something. They indicate that it shouldn't be long.

Well, it WAS long. I called 3 hours or so later and they still didn't know anything. I said "So the diagnostic still isn't finished?" He said "I'm not saying's just not ready. It's not in the computer yet." Right...and asking the technician who was looking at it is just too hard. I asked when they close. Four o'clock. Good. So I should at least know something in the next 2 hours. NOT. They never called and I was wrapped up in something at that particular moment in time (4:00) so I didn't get a chance to call them back to find out what the heck was going on with my truck. loyal reader(s?) - I don't know as of this moment why the rear wheel on our new (used) truck won't turn. I may also swear off this dealership. I have been known to completely and utterly avoid companies that give me service that I consider less than adequate.

Oh well. I guess it'll eventually work out. But - I thought maybe you'd be interested to know that the saga continues.


The Rock Chick said...

Yikes. I'm not even sure that I'd have the patience you are having. Personally, once the work is done (if that's even going to happen) I wouldn't ever take the car there again. There's plenty of places that would appreciate your business. That's how I think.
Hopefully, you'll never have to worryabout any of this again, though. That's a much better option...

Crystal said...

He isn't lying, folks.

We are on the verge of starvation because he has sworn off all grocery stores in our area. Our dogs are blinded by the hair in their eyes because he hates all the local dog groomers.

Soon I expect to be without power because our electric company only hires incompetent people.

I'm surprised he hasn't sworn me off yet! ;oP