Monday, February 11, 2008

Something I hadn't seen before

So I was driving to work the other day, probably listening to a book-on-phone (what?). I learned that listening to books while I drive (especially long distances) can really shorten a drive. So my wife bought me some books on CD and I ripped 'em to my computer, made MP3s out of them and put them on my memory card I bought for my phone which doubles as an MP3 player.

Anyway, so I'm driving along, minding my own business when this vehicle passes me in the next lane over. I had to do a double take...was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing? Perhaps I was, I hadn't had anything to drink in months, much less that morning. Perhaps I was high? No...don't do drugs. Then why, in the name of everything good and pure, was I seeing what I was seeing? I got it! The end times...they were starting to happen right in front of my face! The world was getting ready to plummet into tribulation and dispair and it was all happening right before my eyes!

Ok...a bit over the top? Perhaps...but so was this:

No -'s a pink Jeep. (I covered the license plate to protect the not-so-innocent)


Why? It's....why???? Jeeps don't belong it that color!!! Made for greens...acceptable in reds, blacks, blues, whites....but PINK??? It would be like seeing a rainbow in the sky with BLACK in it. It's just not natural. You know, I would be willing to bet that as THEY were trying to put that color on the Jeep, it actually tried to dodge the paint. I'll bet that it tried to shake off the offending tones like a dog shakes off water after a bath. I'll bet there were mechanical sounds of an engine weeping oily tears as they touched up the last of the paint job. I'll bet to this day there is a persistant oil leak in from the vehicle and they just don't understand that THE JEEP IS STILL CRYING!

Get off my planet you barbarians! You don't give a dog a mink coat and you don't paint a Jeep PINK!

Ok...again...over the top...but so was the Jeep. Perhaps a inverted view of the colors would help.

There. I've made my peace with it.

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You're too much.