Monday, February 11, 2008

Sticking it to the Man Who's Sticking it to the Man

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That's the first paragraph in my new story, "Sticking it to the Man Who's Sticking it to the Man"

Let me explain.

Crystal and I were watching an episode of "Monk" that we had on DVR from a couple of weeks ago and Adrian Monk was taking up painting as a hobby. He was taking a class and the teacher walked by him and asked "Who told you that you can draw?" She went on to tell him that his art wasn't good. When he said that he was drawing what he saw she said "you aren't seeing it right." When he said, "But I thought you said there was no right and wrong," she responded "never say that again."

Ok, so it made for funny TV. And what was funnier still is that what he had drawn probably COULD have been taken for "real art". Heck, Crystal liked it!

But it made me think...why do painters get such liberty when it comes to art. Heck...musicians and sculpters get the same freedom. But writers...they're much more limited to this same freedom of which I am speaking...

Do a Google search on 'art splatter' and you'll see what I'm talking about. An "artist" can, in the name of art and in rebellion against civilization, splatter paint on a canvas randomly and it gets called "art". People pay money for this "statement." You can find sculptures made from junk and there are certain types of music which really seem to have no real form at all. Yet when writers write, they must use WORDS.

If a writer, in a sudden urge to rebel against everything that they were taught...just decided to randomly pound on a keyboard in the name of art, no publisher would pick it up (at least that's the assumption I'm making now). Though, I wouldn't doubt it if someone somewhere decided to prove me wrong and got rich and famous because they decided that when it comes to words, there really is no right or wrong, as long as you can see it. It would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "tell the story in your own words." Better yet, it won't be a writer. It'll be a painter who makes a random congregation of typed text on a canvas and it'll go down in history. case that happens...remember that you saw it here first!

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Skwqoiue la sieyu andl.

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