Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life Without Parole

So, the first post of a new blog and it gets a title like "Life Without Parole." What does that even mean???

Well, I just sat here at my computer for the last...I don't know...20 minutes or so trying to come up with a good clever title for a new blog. What I found out is that I am not as clever as I thought I was! Not because I couldn't think of anything good...but because everything good I thought of was already in use! What really pissed me off was that a couple of my ideas were taken and had no posts on them. Others were taken but hadn't received a post in anywhere from 4-6 years.

So I finally decided I was a prisoner of my own mind. Picture with me if you's a dark chamber. I'm sitting in the corner of a circular room with walls fabricated with large stones and there is a window about 20 feet up that has no glass...just bars. There is moonlight bleeding onto the wall across from the window and every few seconds there's the sound of a drop of water hitting a puddle and the reverberations linger for several seconds. Every few minutes there's a scream from the torture chamber one room over where prisoners (other pieces of me) come up with great ideas and the dungeon master says "THINK OF ANOTHER, THAT ONE'S ALREADY MINE!!!"

Well guess what, dungeon master. I finally had a "unique" idea! I thought to title your dungeon!

But guess what, that didn't get me out. I'm stuck here forever in this Brain Dungeon. I am a prisoner in my own mind sentenced for LIFE. Eh...I suppose it's not TOO bad. I just hate when my ideas prove not to be my own.

I would say I've never blogged before, but that's not really true. I've never blogged even remotely consistently and you won't find evidence of my blogs anywhere other than a thought or two on MySpace (I think).

But...I've decided that I need to put a blog up where I can post when I get the urge. Usually I think that I wouldn't have anything to say that anyone else in the world would ever care to read. But...every once in a while, I feel this need share what's on my mind...even if people wouldn't care. I don't know that I could count on both hands the number of times I've thought, "that would make a good blog post" and then never did anything about it. I might actually have a nifty little blog going on if I had acted, even once, on that urge!

So, here I am. I'm finally doing something about it. I guess now we'll see if I come back and post again or if I do to others as has been done unto me and just let this great idea of a blog title go to waste!

And...lest I be called out by my wife and her many "bloggy friends" I must say what was on my mind just a few days ago.

I'm not just saying this, I promise! Ok, so there I was sitting at my desk at work the other day. Maybe it was the fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner or maybe not, but I was thinking about the fact that I just LOVE my wife. Not that I don't always love my wife, I do. But...for some reason I was sitting at my desk getting things situated for my day and I was thinking to myself, "I wish I had a blog so I could blog about the fact that I love my wife!" I probably would have done it then too except for one thing...I was at work and it would have taken me AGES to come up with a good blog name. I "made the mistake" of telling my wife that later on in the day when she sent me an instant message and SHE went on to blog about the fact that I wanted to blog about the fact that I love her. It's almost hard to believe that it's been over 7 years since we married!

Oh, come's ok for a guy to be mushy every now and then!

AND JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR - My title to this post "Life Without Parole" is in reference to being a prisoner of my own mind and NOT my marriage! I really do love my wife and my life with her!


Crystal said...

Brain dungeon, huh? It's skeeery up there.

And umm, I love you too. :o)

The Rock Chick said...

You could always name your blog "Crystal Rocks!"!

Welcome to the blogosphere! Crystal's "bloggy friends" expect more posts :)


Jessica Morris said...

You guys are cute :)