Friday, April 18, 2008

Speaking of Stoopid...

I subscribe to a blog that I think is absolutely hilarious called (The Customer is) Not Always Right. I think that this site is particularly hilarious because, for the most part, you can't make this stuff up! I have been in situations where I have seen and heard the kinds of things on this site and it makes an awesome addition to my blog subscriptions.

I thought about submitting this story to their site, but it really needs the pictures to go with it. First of all, a little back story:

The company I work for was remodeling one of our restaurants. For the illusion of anonymity and for the sake of the people I work for, I have eliminated brand-specific portions of the images below using black rectangles. Other than that, the images are untouched.

Notice in this first picture how there are no registers on the counter, there is a bathroom sink laying sideways on the counter, and behind the counter this is a disassembled shake/ice-cream machine.

You can also see, off to the left, some building materials laying on the counter. If there were any different angle, you'd see missing ceiling tile and wires dangling from the ceiling.

In this next image you can kind of make out the fact that there are unconnected soda syrup hoses on a soda fountain that has no front image, some building materials laying on the counter, and the cabinet underneath is open and shows hoses that are not connected...

It would have been a little more amusing if I'd gotten this picture when one of our maintenance guys was sitting INSIDE this cabinet working on the hose connections.

This next picture shows in just how much disarray our dining room was. There are boxes everywhere, the glass on the front door had gotten broken during the remodel (fortunately, there was already a plan to replace those doors) and you can see construction equipment outside (a sky lift or something like that).

There are obviously boxes everywhere and the place needs a diligent cleaning from all the sawdust and whatnot on the floor.

And lastly, in this final picture, you can see another part of the dining room that shows evidence of a remodel going on. Notice the shop-vacuum, the numerous boxes, cleaning supplies, a construction dumpster outside...the works.

Outside there is also a marquee/reader-board sign below our main sign that says "Closed For Remodel".

At this point, I think it is pretty well established that this restaurant was closed...for a remodel. I was sitting in the dining room working on my computer (I'm a tech and I was following up on some support emails). A guy parks in our lot (on the side with the sky lift and construction dumpster. Walks in and stands at the front counter for about 30 seconds looking around and then turns around and asks me...

"Are they open?"

Are you kidding me??? I very seriously wanted to say, "Yeah, they are. Someone will be with you shortly," and then see just how long he'd stand there. Or...I wanted to pick up the sink and throw it at his head because, likely, I wouldn't do much damage to his brain AND I would feel better. Unfortunately, there are times when what I want to do, and what is professional are very different things. So I just said, "I'm sorry, sir. They are closed for remodeling."

Oh well...I guess if it weren't for people like that guy, people like me wouldn't have as much to laugh at.


The Rock Chick said...

OMG yes, sir, please take a seat at the counter right next to the bathroom sink and when this gentleman climbs out of the soda fountain cabinet, he'll be happy to help you!

People can be sooo stooooopid, but that's what makes life fun, no???

Crystal said...

Survival of the dumbest... what do you want to bet this guy has reproduced?