Friday, October 3, 2008

Everything is Perfect!

No, not really.

I got the phone call yesterday morning from the dealership. Apparently the passenger's side airbag needed to be replaced for some reason. They he told me that there IS a safety warranty, but it's only up to 60,000 miles. Which our truck is way past (just a little under 80,000). SOOOO, it is going to cost $265 to replace that airbag (no charge for labor) and $23 for freight and because airbags are considered hazmat, they wouldn't be able to get it there any sooner than next Monday.


Uncool. Very very uncool.

I got off the phone and boiled for a bit. I called the dealership and asked to speak to the sales manager who was trying to help me get through all this. He was on the phone, so I didn't get to speak to him. I left a message to have him call me back.

A few minutes later, the service manager called me. He said "What can I do to make this right?"

I told him, "I'm not sure there is anything you can do at this point! I'm so sick and tired of this crap. You guys can't get my truck done, you keep charging me more money. I'm not saying you're doing anything dishonest but this is the stereotypical auto shop horror story!"

He then tells me that he's going to see what he can do to get me a discount on the airbag. This offers me little consolation.

"Discount?? You know what? I hesitate to say this because this is NOT how I am. I DO NOT believe it trying to get things out of people for free. I am NOT about shorting you money. BUT, if I have to pay for that airbag, then forget it! Give me my truck and we'll call it done. I'll take my truck AND MY BUSINESS elsewhere!"

He tells me that he'll look into it and see what he can do and call me back.

Then I ask about the sales manager. I figured that since it was the sales manager I had called for, that I ought to get to speak to him. Apparently he's sitting across from the service manager for this call. I ask to speak to him.

I basically repeat everything I said to the service manager. I let him have it about how frustrated I am and how I just can't fathom the fact that they put this vehicle through all kinds of tests to make sure it was safe for the road and that I haven't even had the truck for 3 months and the airbag needs to be replaced. I exclaim how furious I am that the extended warranty I purchased since this vehicle was sold to me "as is" didn't cover something as critical as airbags. It's not as if the vehicle was in an accident...THEY JUST STOPPED BEING OK!

I repeated my comment about taking my truck elsewhere. I told him to figure out what he had to figure out, but that if I have to pay for the airbags then I'm done. I have absolutely had it and I would rather take my business elsewhere.

"Woah, wait a minute," he says, "You don't have to pay for the airbag. It's covered by your warranty."

I told him that's not what the person told me earlier. I told him he'd better get his story straight because I was specifically told that it was NOT covered and that I was going to have to pay an additional $300 to get it done.

He says he'll look into it and call me back.

Apparently, I finally got their attention.

I got a call less than 5 minutes later. The service manager called and simply said, "Your airbag is NOT covered under the warranty, but don't worry about it. We'll take care of it for you at no charge."

I thank him. I apologize for getting rude and explain that I'd just been pushed beyond my limits. He says he understands and can't blame me. He then says, "Well, I hope this doesn't ruin our chances of doing business together again in the future."

I told him, "To be perfectly honest with you, IT DOES! BUT because you're taking care of me now, MAYBE there's still a chance we'll do business again in the future.

So, there you have it. I had to blow up at them to get their attention. It's sad, really, because I hate being that way.


Nicole said...

Oy.... 3 months?! What the???

I am glad blew up at them. And to be quite honest its not like you were some crazy man. You didn't swear, you didn't tell them that their momma was fat and you didn't threaten to burn their house to the ground.

I'm proud of you :P

Hopefully this mess gets fixed right away and you guys can get your truck back. I would be a bit nervous knowing they played with the air bags though... hmmmm time to sell the truck? :-/

The Rock Chick said...

Well, you already know how I despise stuff like that so I don't have to elaborate any further.

I'm glad they are doing something for you, but I wouldn't do business with them again. No way!!!

Maybe you should get some little monkey dolls just to pass out to the people who bug you? It might make you feel smile!

Dustin said...

Nicole - If I am to be COMPLETELY honest, there were one or two words that I said that are not words I would say in front of children. I didn't go on any kind of cussing rampage or anything, but I did say a couple of words I am not to proud to admit I used! lol

Jessica - I may just have to find some monkey dolls. I think what I'd like to find is tiny little monkey dolls on suction cups. Then when someone irritates me, I can super-glue a suction cup with a monkey on it on their forehead. THEN, when they rip it off, the skin will be all read and irritated AND there will be a suction cup hickey on their forehead! AND THEN when someone asks what gave them a hickey they would have to say "a monkey". And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, would be worth all the trouble.

Jen said...

Well I am glad they are finally trying to get something done and although he tried to make things better...I wouldn't go back Anyways I hope you have no more problems and get your truck soon