Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who's That Off in the Distance?

Oh wait, it's me!

Ok, so, wow. Long time since I last posted. Two months since my last post...almost three since my last "real" post. I know I'm rambling to almost nobody, here, but I still feel the need to catch up...with...myself?

It's been a hectic few months. Work has been busy, so there hasn't been a WHOLE lot of social life going on. (oooh...ending a sentence with a preposition - I'm DEvolving!) I took a trip to Utah in August to visit with family I haven't seen in upwards of 12 years. The reason for the trip was actually the celebration of my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary is really in September, but since it was easier to get everyone together in August - that was the month we got together!

So - I saw my parents and one of my brothers and his family for the first time in almost 3 years. I saw my Grandparents and some of my aunts and uncles for the first time in almost 8 years. And I saw most of the rest of my family whom I hadn't seen in 12 years! Including my "little" brother. I use quotes because he's 4 years younger than I am and the last time I saw him, he was a short little runt of a 12-year-old whose biggest accomplishment in life was tattling on our sister and getting her in trouble. Now he's a gargantuan (4 inches taller than me) 24-year-old who spent 2 years on a mission in Taiwan, has learned to fluently speak Mandarin Chinese, and has even recorded for Disney (he plays cello).

Since I came back, I've been working a whole lot more. Mostly because the company I work for just opened up a new restaurant. Since I'm the lead on all the techie stuff that goes in (registers, computers, cameras, etc) that means a lot of long hours. But the opening was a success a couple of days ago, and aside from working out a few kinks, I think I'll soon be able to move on to other projects.

In the interest of not making this TOO long (I think that ship has sailed), I'll mention one other thing and send you, my loyal reader(s?), off to do thy bidding. Last weekend, I got back from work and just felt the need to get out of the house. I convinced my wife that we should get out and maybe take some pictures or something (we both enjoy a little photography). So, we got in her new (used) Mazda Tribute (4 wheel drive, baby!) and went down to the beach. (Our first time on the beach in 4 wheel drive!) We snapped a few pictures of the water, the birds, and of us! One picture turned out really well and neither of us could believe it actually came out good! Because of my back injury from my military days, this shot hurt pretty bad afterward...but it was so worth it. Check it out.

So, anyway, I suppose that's it. In case you care, I updated my profile with a new "about me" and a new "random question" and had a little fun with it, so feel free to check it out. Drop me a line and let me know I'm not just talking to myself and hopefully I'll post again soon...sooner than 2 months!

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The Rock Chick said...

Nope. You're not talking to yourself! Welcome back! Glad to see your posting again! I love the picture of you and Crystal. You guys need to blow that one up and hang it in the house where everyone can see it. It's amazing!

I noticed your new profile right away. LOL. Love that, too!

Must have been cool to be able to see your family after that length of time! My grandparents celebrated their 70th anniversary last year and I got to see family that I don't think I've ever even met before. It's kinda cool!

Glad you're back and posting--keep it up