Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some random thoughts

My brain is a jungle of random thoughts right now. So, if you please, I'll just jot them down and get on with my day.

First, I'm thinking about the adoption my wife and I are working toward. We will be happy to adopt whatever child the Good Lord brings our way, but for some reason, in my mind, I see us ending up with a little Hispanic girl. Why girl? Probably wishful thinking. I've always wanted to be able to say "That's my boy!" but there's just something about having a "daddy's girl" that kinda makes my heart soft. Why Hispanic? Probably because of where we live. A significant portion of the population in our area is Hispanic. I guess that doesn't mean we'll end up with a Hispanic baby, but the odds are probably in that favor.

I had a dream last night that we adopted a little Hispanic girl. This was not a baby adoption, however. Our first adoption will be an infant. But I still can't stop thinking about the dream from last night. It was kind of an emotional dream. The little girl was living in foster care until we came along. I remember calling her by her name, but I don't remember now what that name was something like Syliva or Sarina or something like that. She was maybe 4 years old or so and was just in absolute tears when she came into our home. She was tired of being moved from home to home. In my dream I hugged her and promised her that this was the last time. I explained to her that when she was moving from home to home it was because she was in foster care, but adoption was different. She was now going to be OUR child! She was going to stay in our home for good! She was so happy. Later on in the dream she was a very happy little girl and very excited that she didn't have to worry about moving to another home because she was very happy that we were her new parents.

Skipping on to the next random thought - we bought a new (used) vehicle yesterday. After doing a little looking around, we found a vehicle that seemed like a good fit. After looking into the fuel ratings of the sedans we were interested in and the SUVs we were interested in, we decided the SUV would be it. The fuel economy between the two was almost identical. The SUV was newer and very well maintained. It's not a big SUV, but it's bigger than the car that Crystal despises. Should be good for bringing home a baby from the hospital! I'm sure she'll be blogging about the vehicle later, so I'll leave it at that.

And, lastly, I need to stop procrastinating on taking the defensive driving course. I have one month left to take the course and turn in the results with my driving record to the judge (I got a speeding ticket) and requested that the ticket be dismissed from my record in trade of six hours of my life being dedicated to learning how to drive more safely. The ironic thing is that (and I am certain Crystal would be willing to confirm) I am a very safe driver. I RARELY exceed the speed limit (in fact I usually set my cruise control right at the speed limit). I always make sure I come to a complete stop at a stop sign. It's a pet peeve of mine when people fail to use their turn signal.

This particular day was a very long day for me at work. At 6pm when I was ready to head home, I got a call that resulted in my having to drive an hour out of town to fix a cash register for one of our restaurants. I went to the office and picked up some spare parts and headed out to make the fix. Between being tired from the day and angry that it wasn't over yet, somehow I misread my speedometer. In this case I was allowing myself to travel 2 mph over the limit. Turns out I must have been looking at the wrong line and was going 2 mph over 5 mph over the limit. Cop said he clocked me at 77 in a 70. Cited me for exceeding 10% over the speed limit.

So there you have it. The mess that is my brain this morning. Hope it wasn't too boring, but maybe getting it all out will help me focus on the task at hand...internet course for defensive driving. Yay.


Crystal said...

Did you do the course?

I'm so paranoid you won't get it turned in on time.

The Rock Chick said...

Your random brain sounds like mine right now!

Sorry about the ticket. I got my first one last year after 25 years of driving. It really threw me for a loop! Mine was for speeding, too.