Monday, May 26, 2008

Sungha Jung - Incredible!

If you like guitar music, then you'll LOVE this video of Sungha Jung playing "Yesterday Once More" by the Carpenters.

Sungha Jung is an 11-year-old Korean boy who has been playing guitar for just a couple of years. He has a guitar that was custom made to fit his body size and plays the thing like he was born with it in his hands.

If you so desire, you can check out his MySpace page here or his YouTube channel here.



The Rock Chick said...

Holy Moly! Amazing. This was beautiful!

Anna said...

Dustin, that's so beautiful. And it is incredible. Thank you for posting this.

Why don't you put a Feedburner subscription box on your blog? Like the one I have and what Holly had before. That would make it easier for you to get a lot more subscribers! Do you need any help with it?