Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I think he's lost...

You'll find out who in a sec.

Well it's been another long while since I've posted. I've not had many opportunities to sit down and share what's on my mind lately...I've been quite busy. Since I last posted and mentioned that we opened another restaurant in record time (at least for us) we opened yet ANOTHER restaurant. Now it may sound like this one was the record-setter, but it wasn't. This one was actually started BEFORE the other one...but then all resources were diverted to the other one to get it open before spring break. In the end, the pace for the one that just opened was much better.

So anyway, back to my headline.

I was driving a long mostly empty road between George West, Texas and Refugio, Texas...probably nearing the Beeville, Texas limits when I saw this...

Now if you are unfamiliar with what you are looking at, let me explain for you why I thought this guy was lost. This is none other than an Amish Horse-and-Buggy! For those of you who DON'T know...the Amish primarily reside in the north...Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Canada are where you'll find the majority of them. I lived in Pennsylvania, right in the heart of what we referred to as "Amish Country" - Lancaster County. You can learn more about them here if you are so inclined. see this guy trotting down a Texas road really surprised me. I'm sure there are a few Amish families in the area, and I may have even seen one once before here in Texas, but it's NOT a common sight as deep south as I am.

I was on the phone with my wife when I first noticed him. I drove past him and said "I HAVE to get a picture...I wonder if my camera phone works while I'm talking on the phone." So I turned around and snapped this picture. I attempted to get one from the front end of the buggy, too, but I mistimed it and he wasn't even in the frame. (My camera phone is quite a slow camera!) I figured it wouldn't be a good thing to turn around again and attempt another picture. I don't know if the Amish get paranoid when they see the same car drive by them 5 times in less than 5 minutes, but I didn't want to take that chance. Also, the Amish (at least in Pennsylvania) aren't fond of having photos taken of them. The won't pose for pictures. The wiki I pointed you to says it's because they oppose vanity, but I seem to remember hearing when I was growing up that they felt that photographs stole part of your soul. The first reason actually sounds more likely, but WHATEVA.

Anyway...thought you'd like to see an Amish Texan. Now it's time to get ready for work...FUN!


The Rock Chick said...

You don't see any of those here in Chicago, but you do see the police mounted on horses downtown. It amazes me because I really think they'd freak with all the commotion and noise, but they don't. The horses, not the cops...LOL Glad to see you back!

Crystal said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the question I asked you about the Amish horse & buggy when I was visiting your family up in PA.